Corporate Responsibility

Commitment to Environmentally Responsible Investing

AEW is committed to a vision of prudent property stewardship with the goal to enhance the sustainability measures of its commercial property investments. AEW has instituted a systematic approach to improve the operating metrics of its investments by incorporating ESG elements – environmental, social and governance- into its asset analyses. This commitment is embodied in an environmental policy which seeks to:

  • Reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and water usage through conscientious management and innovative practices
  • Create healthy work environments that stimulate productivity and promote the sustainable communities in which they reside
  • Raise awareness and communicate our sound environmental practices to employees, partners, investors and tenants
  • Allocate resources to eliminate risk and lower operating expenses to increase the efficiency and long-term value of our properties

AEW Sustainability Committee

AEW's Sustainability Committee, which includes representatives from each of the firm’s business units and departments, is led by two co-chairman who oversee the committee’s goals and energy initiative decisions. This committee is responsible for the firm’s environmental, social, and corporate governance policies for AEW's investments and the firm as a whole. They interact with various outside agencies and industry associations and identify and implement environmentally impactful improvements in areas such as: recycling, energy consumption, waste disposal, cleaning materials, air & light quality and public transportation.

For more information on AEW's sustainability efforts, read the AEW 2016 Sustainability Report.

Charitable Giving

As a responsible corporate citizen, AEW has long-supported the needs of the communities in which it works and operates. The AEW Charitable Giving Committee encourages its employees to bring forth local causes that are meaningful to them on a personal level or to their community-at-large. Targeted areas for financial support include those involving public education, the environment, health awareness and homelessness. Even more, AEW gives its employees the flexibility to personally volunteer during their work day at events organized by the firm. Some of the organizations in which AEW has been involved as a firm include: Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center, Christmas in the City, The Home for Little Wanderers, The United Way, Community Servings and Special Olympics.