Investment Strategies

Listed Market - Asia Pacific

Our Asia property securities portfolios are managed by our Singapore team. We offer investment options for investors with a range of risk/return objectives. The investment universe for the Asia Pacific region consists of approximately 75 listed equity securities issued by publicly traded companies whose principal activity involves the ownership, management or development of real estate. For investors seeking exposure to the Asia Pacific listed property markets. AEW offers the following investment strategies:

Asia Diversified Strategy

The AEW Asia Diversified strategy is designed to provide investors with broad exposure to all major sectors of the Asia listed property market, with the objective of achieving strong risk-adjusted returns. Our Asia Diversified Strategy is available to investors through separately managed accounts.


Disclosure: There can be no assurances that the funds/investment strategies will achieve their objectives. Nothing contained herein shall constitute an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer.  This material is for informational purposes only.