AEW Asia Pacific

Operating from offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney, AEW brings a long-term commitment to Asia and provides real estate investment management services to investors seeking exposure to this dynamic region. The AEW Asia team has experience in both the listed and the direct property markets, allowing us to offer investors access to both public and private investment strategies across the region. Our professionals have a well-established network of relationships with owners, developers, lenders and investors throughout the region offering investors many opportunities in sourcing, underwriting, managing, financing and sale of investment assets.

AEW Research's top-down perspective on property and capital markets, combined with real-time, local market intelligence, is utilized to understand the practical impact of market trends on specific property and capital markets. AEW Asia integrates its resources and capabilities with that of its affiliates in North America and Europe to create a truly global real estate investment management platform with aggregate gross assets under management of approximately $70.3 billion.

Gross asset value as of December 31, 2017. Total AEW Global AUM includes $34.1 billion in assets managed by AEW SA and its affiliates and $816 million in advisory/subadvisory wrap and other accounts for which AEW provides only a model portfolio.